Winter Bomber


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Winter Bomber

The Winter Bomber is and was definitely a stab in the dark at an idea we all had watching some old snowboard videos and being an Idaho based company where snow shredding is just as big as wake shredding. So we thought why not try and combine the two boards and create a Monster! Yes what you are thinking right now is true, we created a Wakesurf board that you can also shred in the POW!! AKA The Winter Bomber.

Created from the foam blank of our super popular Bomber model we slimmed down the profile and sharpened up the rails towards the nose to give it the rail / cut it needed in the Powder. We also gave it a super wide nose to keep it up and out of the powder.
It is equipped stock with a thruster fin setup but available in any fin setup you would like. Don’t be afraid to ride this thing in the snow with some TMF-1 nubsters to give it a little more control. Yet again an idea turned into a reality that worked!! Freak your friends out when you bring this thing on to the boat and then bolt on the straps to take it on to the slopes.
So much more to say about this board but you just need to try it and experience a ride you have never felt before, on water and on snow.

Rider Weight 100-200lbs
Available to make custom sizes